October Update and Mexico Property Announcement

October Update and Mexico Property Announcement

November 14, 2018 by

The kick off to our upland bird season has been filled with great times, good people, and some fast flying California valley quail.  Our first couple of hunts have been a success with exciting action and large covies.  Our hunters are averaging 15 birds a person over a two day hunt and seeing about 18-20 coveys throughout the hunt. Covies are averaging roughly 80 birds and ranging anywhere from 15-150 birds.  The birds have been sticking to the transition zones between brushy mountain sides and flat valley bottoms. We’ve been successful with getting a couple birds out of these covies before they flush up hill and out of reach.  Early mornings and late evenings have produced the best opportunities due to the birds location, which is usually down in the flats feeding before hunting up the mountain sides into the brush for midday.  After hunting the valley bottoms in the morning we have also had some good luck cruising the ridge tops locating covies in the brush. Our bird dog Tyson has been a tremendous help in retrieving dead and wounded birds.  Our puppy Barley has been following Tyson closely and learning quickly.  The offer for a 10% discount is still available to those who give us the promo code “High Flyer” when booking your hunt! 

Our wild pig hunts continue to be successful with some awesome trophy boars being killed in the month of October.  With such a large crop of acorns this year the pigs have been holding tight to the oak trees and bedding.  We’ve been seeing large groups in the morning and evening with plenty of shooting opportunities at pigs of all sizes. We’ve also seen a couple nice bachelor groups of 4-5 trophy boars roaming around. With amazing habitat and population control we can guarantee a first class pig hunting experience.   

If you are looking to expand your hunting adventures across the border look no further! We are in the process of leasing 30,000 acres in Mexico, just over the Arizona/Mexico border.  This beautiful and wild landscape is home to some amazing animals and once in a lifetime hunting experiences! With COUES DEER, DESERT SHEEP, GOULDS TURKEY, and ELEGANT QUAIL this property is a wildlife mecca for those hunters looking for a new and exciting adventure! The accommodations are luxurious and culturally attractive with beautiful Spanish style homes surrounded by breathtaking views of the central America desert environment.  Bring your family and friends on an adventure and experience they will never forget!  

A couple of our hunts we offer are time sensitive and sell out fairly quickly. For our Tule elk hunts we are fully booked through the 2019 season and are now starting to book hunts for the 2020 season.  These hunts typically need 1-2 years in advance due to the number of tags distributed by the state of California each year and the high interest in Tule elk.  Our blacktail deer hunts can be booked the same year of the hunt for the most part, however we do offer trophy hunts that are limited and usually fill up quick.  For the trophy hunts it would be safe to book close to 1 year in advance.  For the rest of our hunts you can book 2 weeks in advance in order for us to properly scout and prep for your accommodations and hunting adventure.  We do have a large customer base and dates may be booked so it is beneficial to book as far in advance as possible in order to reserve the dates that work best for you.  

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