Upland Bird Info and Big Game Updates

Upland Bird Info and Big Game Updates

September 28, 2018 by

With our upland bird season approaching we are excited to announce that our scouting reports are looking strong! It seems the population has been doing very well and covey sizes are averaging 80 birds with some exceeding 175.  We are seeing more coveys then we have in a long time which will give us ample opportunities throughout the season to harvest limits. We are currently in the process of training our new German short-hair puppy “Barley” who will be a great  addition to our outfitter. Our 100 acre bird club is being finalized with the state and with a good batch of birds this year from McClellan Bros. Ringnecks we are looking forward to some exciting pheasant and chukar hunts. We still have a few spots available for our SPECIAL OFFER to receive a 10% discount on all upland bird hunts, which includes wild California valley quail, pheasant and chukar, dove, and Rio Grande turkey hunts.

We had two groups of dove hunters for the first season and both were successful with lots of birds flying and shells dropping.  Our first group was three hunters on opening day and with so many birds flying our mojo decoys were working well to keep them close.  They ended up with 33 dove and plenty of meat to share a good meal with family and friends. We are excited to see what the second season has in store for us.  It will run from Nov. 10th to Dec. 24th.

The month of September has treated us well with some exciting hunts and a lot of success.  We have wrapped up the elk season this week with a nice 6x7 bull and two trophy boars. Our wild pig hunts continue to produce great trophies as well as plenty of medium size pigs to fill the freezer. We’ve had some great blacktail deer and wild pig combo hunts that have all been successful and entertaining.  With our deer populations still rebounding from the drought a couple of years ago we are starting to see higher densities and some great potential in mature bucks. Our largest buck killed this month was a beautiful dark antlered 4x4 that scored 118”. We have 6 deer hunts left for our PLM properties this year and are looking forward to harvesting some good bucks.

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