Trophy California Tule Elk Hunts

Trophy California Tule Elk Hunts

Oak Stone Outfitters manages private ranches for tule elk hunting. Those ranches work with the state of California to receive guaranteed landowner tags for tule elk bulls and cows. Every year we receive 3-5 bull tags and 3-5 cow tags. Those tag numbers are reassessed every year based on the population of elk on our ranches. The elk herds are managed for trophy quality bulls.

Our PLM (private land management) tags are valid for use from July 1st – December 31st. We schedule our hunts from mid July through September, during the peak of the rut. Bull elk hunts are scheduled for five days of hunting; though additional days may be added. Cow elk hunts are scheduled for two days of hunting. Trophy bulls average between 285” – 330” with some exceeding 340", most bulls make Boone and Crockett minimum and multiple bulls taken in the top 10 for B&C and SCI record books. Spot and stalk methods are used as well as traditional calling during the peak of the rut.

What to Expect

Hunters can expect delicious meals and luxurious accommodations while on their Tule elk hunt as well as plenty of action and picturesque views. We have a couple different lodges that can suite any needs you may have. Hunts are conducted in the mornings and evenings while we take a lunch break during midday. You are allotted 5 days of hunting but due to our intensive scouting and great habitat there is a good chance you will have an elk down before the 5th day. Oak Stone Outfitters is located in beautiful wine country and only 25 min from Paso Robles which will provide you and your guests a chance to explore the beautiful central coast area of California.

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Tule Elk Hunting Packages

La Panza Unit Draw Tag Package: $9,500

For those hunters that are fortunate enough to draw Tule elk tags for the La Panza unit in California we offer private land access and fully guided and outfitted hunts.  This is the best opportunity for a trophy class bull with a draw tag.  Bulls on these hunt can be expected to score between 285"-330".

Fort Hunter Liggett Draw Tag Package: $5,000

California Department of Fish and Wildlife offer limited entry draw tags on the Fort Hunter Liggett Army Base. With extended knowledge of the habitat and wildlife which makes up this hunt unit we have had great success with hunters who have drawn this tag.  Hunts are offered as weapon specific for archery, rifle, or muzzloader. 

PLM Hunting Package: $29,000 - $38,000

Contact us for more details. 

Cow Elk PLM Tag: $5,000

Cow elk hunts are conducted over a three day period 

*Wounded animal policy - If an animal is hit, it will count as a harvest and your tag will be used.

*Non-hunters can be added for an additional $200 (does not include lodging or meals). 

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Tule Elk Hunt Details

  • 5 day guided hunts with lodging and meals included
  • Best opportunities are mornings and evenings, however all days hunts are an option and have been successful
  • If there are any specific meals you would like to be prepared for you and your guests please let us know ahead of time
  • The option to take a wild pig with no extra cost is available to the hunter

What's Included in Your Hunt

  • Elk tag (with PLM hunts)
  • Cleaning and skinning of game
  • Lodging & meals 
  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Wild pig may be taken at no additional charge

What to Pack

  • A valid California hunting license
  • Rifle or archery equipment
  • Copper ammunition if hunting with a rifle
  • Good hiking boots
  • Warm clothing
  • Binoculars

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