California Varmint & Predator Hunts

California Varmint & Predator Hunts

Oak Stone Outfitters offers year-round varmint and predator hunting. Ground squirrels are hunted seasonally or as opportunity presents. Ground squirrels are also legal to shoot year-round and can always be found but do have peak times during the year when they are found in greater numbers. Peak shooting seasons for ground squirrels are from late January to August.

Bobcats can also be hunted on a predator hunt when in season and with a valid bobcat tag. Both Oak Stone Outfitter locations offer great chances at bobcats, however, our northern ranch in Hollister, CA has a tremendous population of bobcats with many opportunities to kill big cats. With sightings of about 2-3 cats per day you are sure to have a great hunt with family and friends.  

Varmint Hunts California

Successful Hunt 2019

What to Expect

Our varmints hunts are concentrated on ground squirrels and jackrabbits which are plentiful on all our ranches.  Certain areas have higher concentrations of squirrels that we will have scouted out prior to the hunt.  We will set up in a comfortable proximity to the concentrated area, usually in a sturdy prone shooting position.  Our predator hunts are primarily focused on coyotes, but we do offer thrilling and action packed bobcat hunts.  We use calling methods as well as opportunistic hunting methods for our predator hunts.  With tons of coyotes and big cats you and your guests are guaranteed a good time and plenty of action. 

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Coyote Hunts in California

Varmint & Predator Hunting Packages

Varmint & Coyote Hunts:

  • Without lodging & meals - $450 per hunter 
  • With lodging - $600 per hunter
  • With lodging & meals - $675 per hunter 

Bobcat Hunts: 

  • Without lodging & meals - $1,700 per cat 
  • With lodging - $1,850 per hunter
  • With lodging & meals - $1,925 per hunter

*Non-Hunters can be added for an additional $200 (does not include lodging or meals)

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Bobcat Hunts California

Bobcat Hunt California

Varmint and Predator Hunt Details

  • Weekend hunts - Friday to Sunday
  • Weekday hunts - Tuesday to Thursday 
  • Unlimited number of opportunities for ground squirrels
  • Unlimited number of opportunities for coyotes
  • Bobcats hunting season runs from Oct. 15th - Feb. 28th 
  • 5 bobcats per season per hunter 
  • Hunters decide which species they would prefer to hunt and in what order
  • 1 day guided hunts 
  • Lodging & meals available 

* Additional days may be purchased 

Coyote Hunts California

Coyote Hunt 2019

What's Included in Your Hunt

  • One day of hunting 
  • Transportation while in the field
  • Access to private property
What To Pack

What To Pack

  • A valid hunting license and bobcat tag
  • Rifle equipment with copper ammunition
  • Good hiking boots
  • Warm clothing
  • Binoculars

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