Deer & Pig Combo Hunts

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With some of the best blacktail deer hunting in the country you can expect to see 15-20 bucks per day. It'd be tough to make our blacktail hunts even better, but not impossible. With the rolling oak woodlands and brush filled valleys that transition into crop fields there are a plethora of wild pigs ranging in size and color. We are proud to say we have a 100% harvest success on blacktail deer and 100% shot opportunity on wild pigs. Our archery blacktail deer season starts on the second Saturday in July and runs for 23 consecutive days.  Rifle season starts on the second Saturday in August and runs for 45 consecutive days. With an amazing and unique opportunity to double up on these awesome animals don't miss out on the hunt of a lifetime! 

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What to Expect

The first portion of your hunt will be dedicated to harvesting a blacktail deer and the second portion will focus on hunting wild pigs. While deer hunting customers can expect to see 15-20 bucks per day.  The quality of our bucks is hard to beat and with 100% shot opportunity you are guaranteed a great experience. Hunters can expect to see 20-40 pigs per day or more depending on the time of year. Spot and stalk methods are used as well as ground blinds when hunting archery. Most pigs taken have an average weight of 160 lbs with a few taken every year that exceed 300 lbs.

Blacktail Deer Photos

Deer/Hog Hunting Packages

  • Management buck hunt & wild pig - $3,800 per hunter 
    • With lodging - $4,100 per hunter 
    • With lodging & meals - $4,250 per hunter 
  • Standard buck hunt & wild pig - $4,800 per hunter 
    • With lodging - $5,100 per hunter 
    • With lodging & meals - $5,250
  • Trophy buck hunt & wild pig - $7,000 (includes lodging & meals for 5 days of hunting) 
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What's Included in Your Hunt

  • One Buck per hunter
  • One pig per hunter
  • Transportation While in the Field
  • Drinks and Snacks while in the Field
  • Cleaning and Skinning of Game
  • 2 days of hunting 
  • 5 days of hunting for trophy package
Blacktail Deer 2019

What to Pack

  • A Valid California Hunting License
  • Zone A Deer Tag
  • A Valid California Pig Tag
  • Rifle or Archery Equipment
  • Copper Ammunition if Hunting with a Rifle 
  • Good Hiking Boots
  • Warm clothing
  • Binoculars

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